Hatchling, Cub, and Cookies: Good grief, I’m a Mother of Three!

Jan 22

I started to type this approximately half an hour after waving goodbye to Hatchling and Cub, who went to daycare with daddy. And then I immediately had to stop, because Cookies let out a great big wail. So much has changed in the year since I blogged, I don’t even know where to start.   I am a mother of three. In the long break I took, I somehow got...

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It’s a work in progress…

Jan 16

This blog has been a passion and a frustration for me. If you ask your own selves, you will perhaps understand how loaded my emotions are here; I care about this blog in ways I did not expect. It’s been a work in progress over the last three years. For the past year, I neglected it, partly because it WASN’T as successful as I hoped, and partly because I...

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It was a treat. I swear it was a treat.

Nov 21

This is possibly the post I planned ahead for the most. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The time of writing is 17:50, on Monday, 16 March 2015. Yes, you heard me correctly. March. Why write a post in March and schedule it for NOVEMBER? Well, here is the thing. Two days ago, I first heard I was pregnant. That would be 4 weeks pregnant, which is really as early...

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Milestones that don’t matter (but do)

Apr 07

Chances are, if you’re trying to figure out how well your child is developing, you’re on the lookout for milestones. Stuff like “how many blocks can he pile on top of one another (5 by age 2) and “how many words is Precious supposed to say at age X”. But… here is the thing: while these milestones are important, and you really do...

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Is there a 29-month sleep regression or something?

Mar 18

For the past three nights, Hatchling has been refusing to sleep. By “refusing”, I mean that, once safely ensconsed in her warm bed, she gets up, and trots over to the office, where her father and I can usually be found. We take her back. She plays in her room, a bit, then returns. We take her back. And so on. Eventually, we change her diaper before...

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Sibling Moments are heart-melting

Mar 17

Every morning, Hatchling is the first to get up. Not the first to wake up (that would be me), just the first to crawl out of bed and come go to someone else’s room. Specifically, ours. I suspect her ability to walk around in her sleep sack is a contributing factor in this: unlike us adults, she can just roll out of bed without ever leaving its warmth behind....

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Politics in Daycare too? (Sigh)

Mar 16

The last place for politics is daycare. It should be all about making sure we form a “village” around our babies, the sort of “village” that it takes to raise a child. Alas, though, I have come to discover that, just like most other places on earth, Daycare has its own politics. The politics are daycare are, in many ways, very different from...

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